Dear Neighbors,

This will be my last newsletter until after the November election.  As you have probably heard, I am not seeking re-election.


It seems like yesterday when I decided to run for City Council to represent the best district in the City -- the mighty 4th! In reality, it was 12 years ago.


It has been such an honor and a privilege to serve and to have had the opportunity to meet many of you in person.  There is much I will miss about being your representative, but I feel it is time to pass the baton.


So....who am I going to vote for? 


Tim Grimes, of course.


Tim has been my liason for nearly four years. 


During that time we have shared the same office space, attended the same meetings and worked together on budgets and hundreds of large and small issues. 


He has been your voice and resource in addressing problems for so many of you in the 4th.


I know Tim. I trust his character, his people skills and his ability to make the best decisions for the long-term and short-term health of our District and our City.   And he will keep the office in the 4th district.


When I was first elected to City Council in 2004, it took me about a year to learn how to get things done. 


There will be no learning curve for Tim. 


He knows the city, he knows the district and he knows you.


Please join me in supporting Tim's campaign. 


Vote for Tim on Tuesday, November 8.





On FaceBook: Tim Grimes for City Council

On the Web:

On Twitter: Tim Gimes @timgrimes4th


Or call: 804-418-1802



A Pair of 4ths:  Richmond City Council 4th District and the 4th Congressional District


The newly re-drawn 4th Congressional District which covers our area is not to be confused with the Richmond City Council 4th District which I represent.  The newly re-drawn 4th Congressional District is a result of the Federal Count ruling that the 3th Congressional District needed to be re-drawn.


Bottom line:  We are in the Richmond City Council 4th District AND the 4th Congressional District.


  • Fourth District Meeting Tuesday, May 7, to feature NEW Chief of Police, Alfred Durham. []