Dear Neighbors,

This will be my last newsletter until after the November election.  As you have probably heard, I am not seeking re-election.


It seems like yesterday when I decided to run for City Council to represent the best district in the City -- the mighty 4th! In reality, it was 12 years ago.


It has been such an honor and a privilege to serve and to have had the opportunity to meet many of you in person.  There is much I will miss about being your representative, but I feel it is time to pass the baton.


Among the many challenges facing council each year has been the Budget, and this year has been extremely difficult.  As the population of the City grows, so does the need for sevices.


As a Council, we must insure that schools, public safety, public works and all departments are adequately funded to provide these services.  In addition, just as you must live within your means, so must the City stay within its budget.


As I write this, we are still working out the details of the 2017 budget and are working to spend your tax dollars to adequately fund all services.


I invite you to call or stop by my district office at 6948 Forest Hill Avenue to share your ideas, concerns, and discuss issues.  It's probably a good idea to call (320-2454) before you stop over.


Your involvement with my office has and will continue to be vital to setting policy and providing services that improve our community and quality of life.


I value your imput,

A Pair of 4ths:  Richmond City Council 4th District and the 4th Congressional District


The newly re-drawn 4th Congressional District which covers our area is not to be confused with the Richmond City Council 4th District which I represent.  The newly re-drawn 4th Congressional District is a result of the Federal Count ruling that the 3th Congressional District needed to be re-drawn.


Bottom line:  We are in the Richmond City Council 4th District AND the 4th Congressional District.


  • Fourth District Meeting Tuesday, May 7, to feature NEW Chief of Police, Alfred Durham. []